The AWA Kyu Test Notebooks are here!

Custom Bound, Each one unique, Illustrated,


So many of us keep, and lose, and rip apart, and keep again, notebooks describing our journey in Aikido toward black belt. That journey deserves something better than the Meade spiral bound notebooks.
Introducing the The Aikido World Alliance Test Requirements Notebook. Hand made with care. Each cut, each stitch, every fold, every board sanded, by caring hands. Materials and process chosen for their natural strength and traditional appeal. Let art enter all the parts of your life.

Order yours now!

You are being offered an opportunity to be among the first to receive the Notebook. In addition you may pre-purchase the next 3 volumes planned.

The AWA Kyu Test Notebook contains the names of all the adult kyu rank required techniques along with a sketch to tickle your memory and plenty of room to write your own notes. Notebook measurements, approximately 8” x 5 1/2”. This book is hand bound using a traditional Japanese Stab Binding technique. Each given individual attention and a special something that makes each unique. I will consider making for kids requirements also if there is enough interest. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the AWA scholarship fund. Price $30


Four Pack.  Purchase four copies of the AWA kyu test notebooks for $100.  Free shipping.


The Aikido Journey Notebook a larger format notebook hand bound utilizing a binding method that will allow the book to be opened fully for sketching and writing. This book is set up as an Aikido journey book , lined and with the following. Date, Instructor, Dojo, Event. This is an ideal journal for our travels in Aikido. It can also be ordered unlined.  The larger format notebook is available by itself for $28.  It can also be had in a heavy sketch paper.  Contact me for pricing.


The Variety Pack.  You will receive the two books listed above plus one copy of each of the following publications as they become available. Price $100 free shipping


The Art of Peace, beautifully hand bound like no other copy of this Aikido standard. No dojo should be without this very special edition of the book we all quote so often.  Individually priced at $45.

One copy of Daily Haiku (working title) Each page a haiku I write for you and room to write your own. Great daily meditation practice. A creative way to spend your time on the train or bus commute or waiting for that plane to take you to the seminar. Individually priced at $32

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